Best natural stress and anxiety supplement

How to Manage Stress and Anxiety: What’s the Best Stress Supplement to Help You

February 21, 2022

Stress and Anxiety

From time to time, we experience stress and anxiety. Stress is any tension placed on you physically and mentally. The difference between stress and anxiety is that stress is a response to a threatful situation while anxiety is a reaction to the stressors you are facing.

Both are emotional reactions, however, stress is usually caused by an external stimulus. Anxiety, in contrast, is caused by persistent, unrestrained worries that lingers even in the absence of a stressors.

Effects of Stress and Anxiety on Body and Mind

Stress and anxiety

For some who are experiencing stress and anxiety for a long period of time, they may experience negative related health outcomes.There might be times you may not realize it, but stress symptoms are affecting your health already. You may think per-existing disease is the reason for the irritating headache, frequent insomnia or decreased productivity at work that you are experiencing, but stress may be the cause.

We experience stress and anxiety individually and this may present in physical symptoms too as well psychological ones. Although, stress and anxiety are not consistently bad. In the short term, these emotional responses can help you overcome dangerous circumstances. When positively reinforced, it can result in growth, action and change. However, if it begins affecting your daily life, it could suggest a deeper issue and it may be time to seek help.

How to Handle Stress and Anxiety

How to handle stress

There are ways to help you better handle your stress and anxiety in life. These strategies to manage stress can lead to a balanced, healthier life. You can protect your well being by alleviating internal tension and lowering stress levels in the long run. Therefore, it's essential to address the cause of stress through individualized management and a healthy lifestyle.

Stress management can feel like taking a weight off of your shoulders. For example, certain changes in lifestyle can help alleviate the symptoms of stress and anxiety. These techniques can be used along with scientifically proven supplements so you can handle it more positively. With the right help and stress management effort, you can effectively cope with the daily stressors affecting you face daily.

Best Supplement for Anxiety and Stress

Supplement for stress, anxiety, and depression

Supplementing your diet with Vitanergy's Relaxation Support aids you in combating the stress and anxiety you have in life. Thanks to the magic of L-theanine, taking Relaxation Support can help you with an enhanced sleep, boost in the immune system, and as well as a decrease in stress and anxiety.

L-theanine is a non-protein amino acid commonly found on green tea and some mushrooms, it positively impacts the key neurotransmitters involved with stress, sleep, mood, focus, and memory. It helps create balance in the neurotransmitter system in your brain, improving the mental/emotional and physical disturbances resulting from being overly stressed.

The fantastic benefits of taking this natural supplement for stress and anxiety are achieved through enhanced alpha brain wave activity that L-theanine causes. Alpha waves are the brain waves in the middle of the wave spectrum in your brain. These waves are produced when you are not focusing too hard on anything in particular. So, when alpha brain waves have increased activity, whatever you are doing, you will be feeling relatively calm, relaxed and more focused.

L-theanine also increases synthesis of GABA, it is a neurotransmitter that inhibits or slows the brain’s activities to promote sleepiness and allow a person to rest. In turn, increased GABA in the brain causes release of adequate levels of dopamine and serotonin (your happy hormones), resulting in general feelings of calm and well-being.


Best vitamin for stress

The best stress supplement that can help you is the one that contains scientifically proven ingredients to relieve stress and anxiety. Vitanergy’s Relaxation Support contains L-theanine, a proven amino acid to help you combat the symptoms of stress.

With all the amazing benefits this Relaxation Support can bring you in reducing stress and anxiety makes it worth starting and staying compliant with a Relaxation Support routine!

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